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1. Talk to your elders

Your older relatives are a treasure chest full of knowledge. Try and spend some time interviewing your elders with a list of interesting questions that will refresh their memories and perhaps probe them to reveal new details you’d never heard of before. (Try and record these interviews on your phone so you can listen to them in the future and also can upload them on the iMeUsWe app for the rest of your family tree to listen to!)

2. Use the internet

Use online resources – there are many free-to-use online libraries and archives that can give your more insight on your ancestors and their lives. Additionally, use social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as a way to connect with relatives.

3. Treasure hunt at home

Old photos, letters, scrapbooks and memorabilia can all be incredibly useful for in conducting research and devising timelines. Try checking your attic, drawers, old boxes and if you’re not having much luck it’s always a good idea to get your elders involved (parents, grandparents etc) as they may have a better idea as to where all the family treasures are kept.

4. Stay focused

It can be easy to overwhelmed with a lot of information – focus on one or two family stories at a time. Try and remember why you are doing this and what your end goal is. Family research is meant to be a fun and absorbing.

5. Get started on iMeUsWe

Of course, the final logical step is to gather all this information together and get it onto our app! PS. The more family members you get onto the app, the more stories and information you’ll have and thus the more enjoyable the journey will be for you!

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