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India was once known as Aryavarta — the land of noble-birth — and if we were to think of family roots and history, it might be appropriate to get the interest flowing with the mention of Aryavarta. Any family story that has its root in India is like a book of worship and rich in stories.

  1. Family history research is the great equalizer in India! It offers a level playing field that allows everyone to discover something about their forefathers.
  2. Family genealogy, the feeling when you find a picture of a long lost great grandfather sitting on a chair in a simple home. The smile that comes up on your face when you open that old record of an 19th century wedding. Family history is what makes you happy and want to know more and more about your family history.
  3. Magic and mystery have been India’s trademark since 5500 years. The stories etched in the minds of generations before us have a familiar flavour to them, as do the names borne by our culture and heritage. With so much going for India, be proud of your roots!
  4. Family history research is important to all of us, whether we’re looking for ancestors who lived centuries ago and finding relatives we have lost touch with.
  5. It’s also a great way for children to find out more about their heritage. Give your children a better idea about their culture and roots.
  6. To learn valuable lessons of your families, love, marriages, struggles and happiness.
  7. Know your family’s medical history to understand how you can live a healthier lifestyle.
  8. Find out the source of some valuable traits in yourself. Did they come from your father or grandfather or great grandfather? Was it from your grandfathers from the father’s side or mother’s side?
  9. Create a valuable heirloom for your future generations, which they will treasure for all times to come.

You may think you know everything about your family history and family tree. But you might be surprised and find those secret gems that might have otherwise been lost forever!

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