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iMeUsWe is committed to building a strong foundation of family unity that will last for generations. A strong family bond will bring about lasting support, unity and peace for all times.

What is the difference between iMeUsWe & WhatsApp & Facebook Groups in terms of serving the needs of bonding with your family?

iMeUsWe, WhatsApp Groups and Facebook Groups are three very different apps that serve different needs.

iMeUsWe helps families to stay connected, and building your family tree with the iMeUsWe App is a fun way to start building those bonds. iMeUsWe helps you learn about your ancestors, their lifestyle, work, and habits. You can share family stories and memories with other members of your family tree–and even collaborate with them to write stories. You can view all shared stories in one place for generations to come and see how many people have been added to your family tree each year.

The WhatsApp App is a messaging app that will help you connect with people in your family and outside of your family without necessarily developing a strong bond.

iMeUsWe will help you build a strong foundation of love, unity, and peace within your family. This harmony will be passed from one generation to another.

A Quick Comparison

Feature iMeUsWe WhatsApp Facebook Groups
Build your family tree check close close
Sharing & Preserving your Family Heritage for yourself and generations to come check close close
Find unknown relations through our extensive database check close check
Collaborate with family members to jointly write Stories & Memories check close close
Allows you to create a structured story with features such as date, title, collaboration and others check close close
Create an auto-generated LifeStory check close close
Family Contextual Search check close close
Suitable for Children check close close
Nominate Digital Heirs to protect your heritage for future generations check close check
Summary of your family (Living, Blood Group, Age Range, Zodiac Sign) check close close
Doesn’t use your personal data for marketing activities check close close
Event reminders (Birthday, Anniversary, Death) check close check
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